Mentor and Coach Others

Mentor and Coach Others

Type: Webinar
Expiration Date: 06/11/2020
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Being able to effectively coach and mentor others is a critical skill in developing high-functioning teams to meet the demands of an ever-changing health care system. Whether you are mentoring or coaching a newly registered nurse, assistive personnel, or a skilled practitioner moving into a new specialty, you need to understand how to be the most impactful in your approach.

Effective coaching and mentoring can affect more than your mentee’s development. It can influence the culture of your organization by creating a sense of achievement for all parties involved, which fosters a healthier work environment. This ANA Leadership Institute™ self-paced course will equip you with the skills to provide effective coaching and mentoring.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Use coaching techniques to empower others.
  • Use mentoring techniques to cultivate future nurse leaders.
  • Champion lifelong learning as part of career advancement.
  • And more .

Empower others. Enhance retention. Cultivate leaders. Be an effective coach and mentor.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Clearly define coaching and mentoring and their relationship to transformational leadership.
  • Become aware of your personal cultural biases and explain how to foster cultural competence within your organization and community.
  • Demonstrate the process of initiating a mentoring-coaching discussion while ensuring organizational alignment.
  • Describe and apply three critical communication skills while mentoring and coaching others.
  • Define and apply constructive feedback and delegation techniques in order to empower others.
  • Identify and leverage strengths in those you lead in order to benefit the individuals and the organization.
  • Model leadership by participating in professional associations and demonstrating diverse hiring practices.

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Elle Allison-Napolitano, PhD

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