Care Coordination: A Day in the Life

Care Coordination: A Day in the Life

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Expiration Date: 7/23/2020
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This course describes the clinical nurse’s role in care coordination and features "A Day in the Life" scenarios that highlight a hospital clinical nurse’s care coordination activities over the course of one day.

This course uses everyday scenarios to underscore the importance of care coordination, and discusses specific responsibilities and effective practices of the clinical nurse in coordinating care.

This course is designed for use on a desktop or laptop computer. This course will not function on tablets or mobile devices.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize the importance of care coordination in nursing practice.
  2. Assess your level of expertise for each of the essential skills and knowledge areas needed to effectively coordinate care.
  3. Identify care coordination practices and activities.
  4. Reflect on your everyday practice.
  5. Evaluate the care coordination activities of a clinical nurse.

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