Engaging in the Nursing Scope and Standards

Engaging in the Nursing Scope and Standards

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Expiration Date: 05/31/2020
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Nursing Scope and Standards is an essential document of professional nursing. It describes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of professional nursing practice. Nurses in all roles and settings must understand the scope of practice and must have the autonomy to practice at the full extent of their license.

Experts agree that the ability of RNs to practice at the fullest extent of their education and scope has not yet been achieved in most healthcare settings (IOM, 2015).

  • Participants will unpack the Nursing: Scope and Standards with interactive learning strategies and supplemental resources.
  • Participants will appraise the barriers to practicing at the full extent of their license in advocacy for healthcare consumers.

This course includes 5 self-paced online modules:

  • Module I. The Scope of Practice
  • Module II. Standards of Practice
  • Module III. Standards of Professional Performance
  • Module IV. Increasing Engagement in the Nursing Scope and Standards
  • Module V. Reducing Barriers to the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice

Note: This course is a self-paced online course with interactive learning activities.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize the scope of nursing practice in relation to the standards for competent nursing practice and professional performance for all RNs.
  • Synthesize the contemporary definition of nursing and the complex needs of today’s healthcare consumer in professional nursing practice.
  • Employ professional resources to overcome barriers to professional nursing practice at the fullest extent of the RN license.

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Stacy McNall, MSN, RN, IBCLC

Stacy McNall is a nurse advocate, instructor, caregiver and transformational leader. She is a member of the Committee on Nursing Practice Standards and has been involved in nurse practice standard research, development and implementation at organization and system levels. She brings her passion for nursing professional practice and performance to her students, staff, colleagues, patients and families. She is influential as an educator and leader at the local, state and national levels. She is a steering committee member of the Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative, a state and national speaker on the community benefits of breastfeeding, a charter member of the Southern Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition, and a tireless advocate for the health needs of underserved communities.

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