Patient Care in the Dawn of the Genomic Age

Patient Care in the Dawn of the Genomic Age

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Expiration Date: 03/01/2020
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Application of genetics and genomic science to health care is emerging in full force and having a powerful effect on nursing practice. Genomic medicine—using an individual’s genomic information to help guide diagnosis and treatment—is taking off as a healthcare discipline.

This new era is characterized by its emphasis on addressing individual genetic makeup as part of care, which has profound implications for nurses. You may need to take into account patients’ specific genetic characteristics when assessing them, managing their care, and providing education.

This article offers a crash course to get ready for nursing in the genomic age which will focus on three key areas: genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, and ethical and legal implications of genomic-based nursing practice.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe genetic testing and sequencing.
  2. Discuss how pharmacogenomics is used to individualize drug therapy.
  3. Identify ethical issues related to pharmacogenomics.

Presented By


Dennis J. Cheek, PhD, RN, FAHA
Dr. Cheek is the Abell-Hanger professor of gerontological nursing at the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences & School of Nurse Anesthesia at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Lynnette Howington, DNP, RN, WHNP
Dr. Howington is assistant professor of professional practice and director of administrative and clinical affairs at Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Fort Worth, Texas.

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