Guiding Your Patients through Menopause

Guiding Your Patients through Menopause

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Defined as the permanent end of ovulation and menses, menopause is a natural and normal event — not a disease or disorder. Yet menopause symptoms may significantly affect quality of life, and certain health issues (such as breast cancer risk and breast cancer treatments) may complicate the experience. Women may be confused about menopause and seek guidance about the changes they’re experiencing. You can help improve their quality of life by providing education. The goal of this course is to enable nurses to better support their patients during menopause and the postmenopausal period. This includes gaining knowledge of menopause-related symptoms, managing physiologic symptoms, explaining to patients how to manage and protect bone health, and addressing sexuality concerns of menopausal patients.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Differentiate menopause-related terms.
  2. Discuss management of physiologic menopause symptoms.
  3. Explain how to promote bone health in menopausal women.
  4. Identify at least two strategies for addressing sexuality concerns related to menopause.

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Chism is a nurse practitioner/certified menopause practitioner, doctor of nursing practice and clinical director of the Women’s Wellness Clinic at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Michigan.

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