Fundamentals of Magnet®

Fundamentals of Magnet®

Type: Workshop
Date: October 17-November 29, 2016
Location: Silver Spring, MD

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Nursing Knowledge Center’s professional credential for experienced consultants and health care professionals, the Fundamentals of Magnet® provides you with an opportunity to help guide hospitals as they apply for Magnet® recognition. ANCC’s Magnet Recognition Program® is the highest organization credential for nursing excellence, and Magnet is the leading source of successful nursing practices and strategies worldwide. You will learn how the Magnet model supports the Patient Care Protection and Affordable Care Act and accountable care organization requirements to consistently deliver quality patient care.

This comprehensive Magnet leadership course begins with a virtual meeting (starting on October 17, and ending on November 19) that guides you through essential course activities preparing you for peer discussions, experiential events and the Fundamentals of Magnet assessment-based certificate exam. Your 40 hours of learning activities include live webinars, topical blog conversations, select readings and interactive online training modules that provide you with a foundational understanding of the Magnet Recognition Program.

The course continues when you join leading experts and 50 peers for two days (on November 28-29, from 8:00AM- 5:00PM ET) of in-person learning. A series of case study analyses and teamwork exercises will teach you to incorporate learned Magnet concepts into everyday practice. Sharpen your leadership and organizational transformation skills using a model designed to help you foster nursing and patient excellence in an organization. The course is designed to stimulate your curiosity and to expand your thinking about achieving quality patient care.

The two-day learning experience is fast-paced and offers you opportunities to fully engage with peers and faculty, so it is important that you clear your calendar and prepare to contribute to lively discussions.

In Class Location: American Nurses Association 

8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400

Silver Spring, MD 20910

At the conclusion of the course, you will sit for an exam to earn a professional credential showing that you have mastered the course content. Completion of course prework and on-site learning activities is required to sit for the exam.

Successful completion of the examination will result in the professional credential Certificate Holder in Fundamentals of Magnet.


Key Learning Outcomes


Clinicians will acquire information that can be applied to analyze and evaluate:

  • Need for current knowledge, research and application to daily clinical practice.
  • Improved patient safety and quality outcomes.
  • Relevant clinical updates with treatment options.

Presented By


Marsha Hughes-Rease, MSOD, MSN, RN

ANA Nursing Knowledge Center Educator & Consultant

Karen Gabel Speroni, PhD, MHSA, BSN, RN

ANA Nursing Knowledge Center Educator & Consultant

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Price: $4,400.00

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