Planning Required for Establishing Your Nursing Research Council Goals

Planning Required for Establishing Your Nursing Research Council Goals

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Planning Required for Establishing
Your Nursing Research Council Goals

By Karen Gabel Speroni, PhD, BSN, MHSA, RN, C-FOM
Certificate Holder in Fundamentals of Magnet®
NKC Consultant and Educator

Inevitably, with each new year comes goal setting, which gives us an opportunity to identify what we would like to accomplish and establish a process to increase measurable success. The latter requires coordination through shared governance. Nurses must understand the important connection between coordinated goal setting that is aligned with the goals of unit councils and shared governance councils and the nursing division's strategic plan, all of which ideally align with the organizational strategic plan. For example, the following could be done annually to facilitate successful completion of the nursing research studies. In Q3, a council would discuss and vote to move forward their specific proposed goals for the upcoming year (annual or fiscal). In Q4, the coordinating council/governance council reviews the council's proposed goals in light of how they align with the nursing division and organizational strategic plans, and then approves those goals once it's certain the necessary resources will be available. Ideally, goals are reviewed and approved in Q4 by the coordinating council, allowing the specific shared governance council to initiate its goals in the subsequent Q1.

Here are some possible goals for the Nursing Research Council's consideration to support the infrastructure for nursing research study completion:

  • Initiate two* nursing research studies in the coming year that support the nursing strategic plan—whether related to nurse-sensitive indicators, satisfaction, core measures, community outreach, or some other component specific to the organization. Research findings that can be evaluated to improve processes likely will garner more of the resources needed for various phases of the study.
  • Hold quarterly journal clubs that support overall goals that align with the strategic plans. For example, if falls and pressure ulcer prevention are problematic, hold journal clubs on these issues. Include a literature review tool to help nurses review related journal articles.
  • Host a nurse research intern (NRI) program mentored by an experienced nursing researcher. Nurses can apply to conduct a nursing research study, with specific, designated hours of protected time provided by the NRI program. Again, topics for study would align with the overall plans.
  • Support evidence-based practice (EBP) projects on every nursing unit. Align topics with unit council goals, which will be aligned with overall plans.
  • Hold an annual nursing research/EBP conference.
  • Submit two* studies for national presentation.
  • Submit two* study manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals.

*This number will vary based on the scope of your research program and the support available for nurse researchers.

Transformational leaders can best support nursing shared governance when goals among the various councils and groups align. When that happens, more resources are available for the work associated with the identified goals, and all nurses in the organization will be empowered to provide exemplary professional practice and improve empirical outcomes

This article was originally published in March 2016.

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