Fundamentals of Magnet Testimonials

Fundamentals of Magnet Testimonials


What Participants Say About the Fundamentals of Magnet® Course:


Palmetto Health
Director of Magnet and Nursing Engagement

I initially signed up for the Fundamentals of Magnet® course because I was a new Magnet program director leading a first-time designation. I felt this class would provide an in-depth look into the core fundamentals of Magnet. In addition, I felt having the certificate would be valuable in terms of validating my knowledge and competency to lead this effort. The most beneficial part of the course was the opportunity to network and learn from other leaders and Magnet organizations. In addition, the Fundamentals of Magnet tool kit has been my “go to” in many scenarios. The facilitators were very helpful and knowledgeable. They brought a wealth of experience and expertise into the classroom setting. I recommend this course to any Magnet program director as a way to fully comprehend the depth and breadth of the Magnet model.


Centra Southside Community Hospital
Magnet Coordinator

I have been in the Magnet® coordinator role at my facility for about a year; prior to that, I was involved with the Magnet journey but not the facilitator of our journey. Within my new role I lacked knowledge and experience. I wanted to be a strong, guiding force in our organization throughout our journey. I felt that this course could give me the knowledge base and resources to be a great asset on our journey.

This course definitely gives a good overview of Magnet.. It provided me with knowledge of the history and background of Magnet, so I can educate staff. It is important to know why and how Magnet came about, so the staff realize it is all about their profession and the positive impact that they make in the organization and community. I feel more confident in my role, and I am eager to gain even more knowledge as we continue on our journey. The modules provide education and background about the history of Magnet, along with the different domains.

The facilitators and staff within this course made me feel welcome, and they were eager to help in any way. The two-day in-class time was invaluable. Not only were the educators knowledgeable and easy to approach, the connection with the other students provided an extended network of resources. The mix of those who have been through the journey with designation and those who are currently on the journey was great. It was surreal to be at the ANA and ANCC hub; nursing is not only my profession, but my passion.

The Fundamentals of Magnet was not only a great experience for those on the Magnet journey, but a valuable aid in gaining knowledge on how to change the culture within an organization and understanding why change is important. There were many aspects of this course that provided assistance with leadership skill development and communication between colleagues. This course would benefit not only nursing leaders within the organization, but any health care professional who is struggling with adapting to a culture of excellence.

My colleagues realize that Magnet is not just a designation for the facility or organization; it provides the best patient experience. Becoming Magnet designated confirms that the profession of nursing truly makes a difference each and every day in positive patient outcomes.


Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center
Magnet Program Director

I am a new Magnet® program director and wanted to obtain as much information about the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® as possible to help with my hospital’s Magnet journey. The course was very beneficial, as it gave a great overview of the Magnet Recognition Program. I really enjoyed networking with other course attendees and hearing that they face some of the same challenges in their organizations. The facilitators made the class engaging; they gave real-life examples, which made it easy to relate to them. They were both Magnet experts. This course really provides the Fundamentals of Magnet, so I highly recommend it for all Magnet program directors and chief nursing officers. It helps you to key in on some of the major topics in health care: accountable care organizations, big data, etc. This course can really benefit anyone going for Magnet status or a new colleague joining the journey.


Monmouth Medical Center
Director of Nursing Excellence and Innovation & Magnet Program Director

I have been working for the past year to move into the Magnet® program director (MPD) position at my hospital, as we are on the Magnet journey. The Fundamentals of Magnet® course helped me acquire knowledge of Magnet history, learn from others’ experiences, and speak about Magnet in a way I have not previously been able. I especially enjoyed the in-person sessions with facilitators, and the overall course gave me a good understanding of Magnet. For this reason, I highly recommend the Fundamentals of Magnet course to all chief nursing officers and MPDs.


Clinical Intake Manager
Visiting Nurse Services of New York
New York, NY

I first learned about the Magnet Recognition Program® while I was in school for my master's degree in nursing. The organization I currently work for is on the Journey to Magnet Excellence®, and this course has allowed me to get a thorough understanding of all the components of the Magnet® Model. I found the two-day intensive workshop in particular extremely helpful. It was a time to meet and collaborate with other professionals who are also passionate about Magnet organizations. My experience with the Fundamentals of Magnet® staff was superb. They were very professional, helpful, and very responsive. I would definitely recommend this course to all management and senior leaders.


Assistant Manager
Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Manila, Philippines


Magnet Manager
All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg, FL

As a Magnet® program director, I found the Fundamentals of Magnet® course invaluable. The highlights of my learning experience included the online lectures, webinars, and, most significantly, the two full days with colleagues from around the country who truly understand what the day-to-day life of an MPD is like. I recommend this course for new and seasoned MPDs alike, and for CNOs and consultants, as a wealth of knowledge and experience is shared. This course exemplifies Magnet principles for success and helps the learner appreciate that the value of the work required to become a Magnet organization itself is the true reward and outcome.


Director, Patient Care Services
Professional Practice
Magnet Program Director
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo, NY


Magnet Program Comanager
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

When I initially heard about the Fundamentals of Magnet® course, my first impression was that it was designed for people who wanted to become Magnet consultants. I didn't think the curriculum would apply to a pediatric MPD such as me. At the 2013 ANCC National Magnet Conference, several of my colleagues said they had taken the course and that they found value in the course content and gave it good recommendations. After completing the course, I agree that it is well suited to someone in the MPD role. The staff does a great job of organizing the course. The instructors are engaging and knowledgeable. Aside from some webinars that are preset in advance, the majority of the course is self-paced, so it allows you to work around your personal and professional life. The course provides a strong foundation for understanding the Magnet Recognition Program®, and I would recommend it to other health professionals.


Director, Nursing Excellence and Utilization Management
Metropolitan Hospital Center
New York, NY

True to its title, the Fundamentals of Magnet® course is not just an ordinary workshop. It gives us the concepts behind Magnet. Magnet is not something you can start and stop; you have to live and breathe it every day, and if you don't get that concept, you have to step back and reevaluate your journey. The case studies [in this course] helped with my understanding of the professional practice models that support clinical outcomes and demonstrate nursing excellence.


Magnet Program Director
UT Southwestern University
Dallas, TX

I benefited from the Fundamentals of Magnet® course in the three aspects that it includes: (1) the online portion, including modules, blogs, and articles; (2) the cohort on-site, with those attending from across the country ranging from novice to expert each bringing a new perspective; and (3) the support from ANCC employees and presenters throughout each step of this course. It makes a difference to hear the facilitators share personal stories of their own Magnet journey; it reinforces our resolve and bonds us as nurses as we strive to achieve nursing excellence. I would recommend this course to any health care professional as preparation for the new age of thinking and working in health care. The facilitator and staff met my every need to navigate this course so that all my attention was on the outcome of succeeding.


Nurse Manager, Pediatrics
Glens Falls Hospital
Glens Falls, NY


Senior Vice President of Operations, Mercy Medical Center
Fundamentals of Magnet® Instructor


Nursing Manager, Nursing and Clinical Operations
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, FL

Presenters Susan Finlayson and Kristin Seidl translated the Journey to Magnet Excellence® in a practical and easy-to-understand manner, incorporating real-life examples into their instruction. Both speakers are the opposite of how we think of researchers—they made the discovery of data fun, linking the science to what we do, and why we do it!


Magnet Program Director
Irving, TX

I was appointed to the role of Magnet® program director in the middle of the redesignation cycle of our facility, so I quickly began educating myself on everything Magnet. The more I learned, the more I realized that there was much more to the position than I originally anticipated. I decided to attend the Fundamentals of Magnet® course, even though the description was written as though the course was for consultants, because I felt it was important for me as an MPD to understand what the consultants were suggesting for my facility. I feel this course was very beneficial for me personally because I have a much better understanding of the process and I am much more confident in my knowledge regarding Magnet accreditation. I am eager to take it to the next step and become an official Magnet consultant and perhaps a Magnet appraiser one day. The speakers were experts in the field and very helpful in facilitating our learning.


RN Professional Practice Systems Specialist
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
Glendale, AZ

I enrolled in the Fundamentals of Magnet® course to "learn a little more" about Magnet. I didn't realize how much I would use the information in educating, supporting and promoting the Journey to Magnet Excellence® in my facility. Knowing the philosophy behind the core Magnet behaviors can really help drive the work from the ground level on up.


Director of Quality and Patient Safety Officer
University of Maryland Medical Center
Fundamentals of Magnet® Instructor


Director of Professional Practice and Research
Jupiter Medical Center
Jupiter, FL


Vice President Hospital Operations and Nursing Services
UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's


Clinical Nurse Specialist/Director of Education
Kindred Hospital Dayton
Dayton, OH

The course is phenomenal! It is taught by experts. The online format allows you to ask specific questions and get answers in real time. The content is relevant to understanding not only the history and evolution of Magnet® but also the new Magnet application process. The assigned reading and weekly discussion questions supplemented the content. I am able to share the concepts I learned and skills I developed with other clinicians in my practice setting. Whether you practice at a Magnet-designated hospital or are pursuing first-time Magnet designation, this course is suitable for professionals across the continuum. I also enjoyed being able to dialogue with nurses across the spectrum—those who have been part of a successful Magnet journey and ones like myself who are on the journey for the first time. The two-day in-person class was the icing on the cake! I met some of the most accomplished and skilled nurse leaders in the profession. Each and every one was open to sharing their experiences with Magnet designation. I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in understanding not only the "how" of Magnet but also the "why." Magnet is a culture, not a trophy!


Director Professional Practice and Research
St. Peter's Hospital
Albany, NY

The Fundamentals of Magnet® course benefited me by providing me with a solid understanding of Magnet. The course objectives were met using a variety of teaching and learning strategies, culminating in a two-day on-site workshop. The online modules, blogs, and webinars were very well done and fostered thoughtful discussion. The two-day workshop was especially meaningful in my understanding of the principles of Magnet—the gold standard of nursing practice. The facilitators were knowledgeable and engaging and the staff very attentive. The networking and sharing of best practices among the participants made this entire learning experience most meaningful. I would definitely recommend this program to others.